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download (6)Various Types of Waste Sources

There are three types of waste sources that in total generate all the SA Skips that a given state can hold. These are:

Domestic wastes; according to statistics make up almost a half of all the solid waste that is created. About fifty six percent of the domestic waste is scraps of food and waste from the garden. The other forty four percent is made up of plastics, glass, metal and paper all in the domestic setting.

Commercial and Industrial Waste: When it comes to commercial and or industrial waste, about three hundred and fifty kilograms of waste is generated for every single person each given year.  Industrial waste is that which comes from offices, shops, factories and also from the hospitals.

Demolition and Building waste: These types of waste include concrete, timber, metals and any other building materials that is there. It may include broken glasses, tiles, rugged iron sheets, nails and many more. This type of waste however makes up only a quarter of the complete solid waste in any given state according to statistics.

How a Skip Hire Service Comes in

Hiring a skip is the most modern and efficient method that one can use to dispose off any waste. Cleaning up the landscape, pruning, carrying out home renovations or even throwing up a Christmas party for instance will lead to heaps of waste and garbage for the home owner to get rid of. At this point, it is only easy for the person to call a skip company and have a skip delivered to them. All they will be required to do is pay for the hire, fill up all the waste into the skip then leave it for the skip hire company to pick it up and go ahead to recycle and or dispose off the waste.

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